“Scrapbooking is to a scrapbooker as chocolate is to a chocoholic.”

Marcia’s Scrapbooking–The Website

My goals for this website are:

  • to give help and support to people who want to scrapbook and don’t know how
  • to give people who love to scrapbook a place to find ideas
  • to share some of my own creations and provide directions to duplicate them
  • to show ways to keep the cost of the hobby to a minimum
  • to show how scrapbooking skills can be used in cardmaking and other crafts.
  • to review products and supplies used in scrapbooking, sharing some of my favorites

Besides traveling, scrapbooking has become one of my life’s passions.  Passing along that passion is what this site is all about.  I hope it can be an inspiration to all who visit.

 One More of My Passions:  Spending Time with my Grandsons

I absolutely LOVE to scrapbook.  Being a retired teacher, I am more able to actually get to spend time scrapbooking.  I think the best way for you to get to know me is to tell you about an example of the types of events I like to scrapbook.  One of the things I love to do is scrapbook trips with my grandkids.  Below is a short story describing portions of one of those trips.

Road Trip to Omaha

My grandson (Harley) and I are walking the dogs, Ollie and Daisy, the Brown family’s version of Popi and Chloe from the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  We were making a pit stop on our way to Omaha, Nebraska, for a fun-filled week.  Harley and Ollie really got along well together.

One of Harley’s favorite places was Pizza Planet, a wonderfully fun place for kids of all ages, that also offers a great buffet lunch or dinner.  There is a great variety of food and salad.  Harley especially enjoyed all the games he could play.  He was able to cash in his tickets at the end of the day for some great prizes.

We also spent a day at one of Omaha’s famous attractions, the Henry Doorley Zoo.  Many improvements and additions had been made since Ron and I had been there in March of 2000. We had a little trouble at first finding food there, because not all the food vendors on the map were actually open that day.  However, we really enjoyed all the animal exhibits.